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Kenya Tours
Kenya Luxury safaris Safaris in luxurious hotels.
Kenya Safaris for the disabled; Safaris for the physically challenged.
Incentive safaris in Kenya; Safaris to motivate staff or company retreats
Golfing safaris Safaris with intervals of golf playing.
Camping safaris in Kenya; Camping in the many national parks and reserves.
Kenya Water sports safaris Scuba diving, swimming and other water games.
Group safaris Organized for large groups of people who want to travel together.
Mountain climbing safaris; Climbing Mt Kenya or Mt Kilimanjaro.
Ecological safaris For ecological studies or for those interested in nature.
Research safaris in Kenya; Study tours for those researching on various issues.
Kenya Adventure safaris; A combination of several of these safaris with creativity as the guiding principle.
Cultural safaris in Kenya; Mainly touring the cultural habitats of the Kenyan people like Kikuyu land, Masai land etc
Kenya Business safaris; When on business in Kenya, incorporate a small holiday by doing abit of travel.
Budget Safaris These are for those who want to travel economically
Kenya Balloon safaris; Aerial view of the wildlife and landscape.
Beach safaris Safaris concentrated mainly along the coastal beaches.
Motor racing safaris; Organized mainly around major world racing safaris held in Kenya.

Featured Tour operators

Kenya Safaris and Travel: Specialializes in Kenya Safaris, beach safaris and customized itineraries for groups and individuals
Kenya Safaris For all safari types in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Tour Operators in Kenya are numerous. Most of them specialize in travel within the country. Others conduct safaris in neighbouring countries like Uganda and Tanzania. Other services that some of these tour operators provide include hotel booking, flight bookings and ticketing.

When looking for tour operator it is important to deal with established firms. Several 'brief case' tour operators also exist and it is advisable not to engage with such tour operators for obvious reasons.

Before making any payment to a tour operator one needs to do some research. For example, establish where the tour operator business is located, years in the service, etc.

Kenya being a major tourist attraction, tour operator business is widespread across the country. It is therefore important to make sure you engage a tour operator residing in a town that will be convenient to you. e.g if you will be residing in Mombasa, then it would make sense to deal with a tour operator based there. A few well established tour operator businesses have branches in major towns. These are the best when it comes to service provision.


Safaris Booking

The tour operators can arrange your safaris and do other necessary errands like purchasing of the air tickets where flights are involved. They will also pay for the National Parks entrance fees in advance.

Advance bookings are advisable especially if you are planning to visit Kenya during the high season (December to March). Accomodation is cheaper during the low season (April to July).

Before travelling to Kenya, it is advisable to liaise with a local tour company to ensure your stay is well coordinated and bookings are made in advance to avoid disappointment.




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