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Kenya has it's own indigenous menus. Different Communities have different menus unique to their livelihood. eg.

Ugali and Fish
Ugali is made up of ground maize flour and water. It takes the form of a cake after it has been cooked. Simpy cook the floor in boiled water until it hardens. This is a favourite meal not just for the Luos in Nyanza Province but for all Kenyans. Fish is popular in Nyanza because of it's proximity to Lake Victoria and at the coast because of the Indian Ocean.


This is a mixture of boiled maize and beans. This is a popular dish among the Kikuyu community mainly found in Central Province.

This is a mashed version of the Githeri. It is usually made up of maize and beans mashed with potatoes or cooked bananas.

This is a popular drink made of fermented milk and charcoal popular among the Kalenjins of Kenya.

The Luhya's of Western Kenya are said to love this meal that is basically chicken. Luhya's are sure to cook for you Ingoho if you are considered an important visitor.

At the cost, Wali (Rice) is a popular meal. It is mostly cooked with coconut milk. Coconuts are readily available at the cost.

This is a mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, pepper, parsley and in some cases Avocado. It is mostly served with Nyama Choma.

Nyama Choma
This is roast meat. Very popular in Kenya. Beef is the cheaper meat in Kenya compared to Chicken or Fish.





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