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Curios and Souvenirs may be bought from curio stalls found in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu etc and along the major roads to tourist destination areas. The Masai market held in Nairobi city centre on Tuesdays is a good place to visit for better bargains. Wood carvings are sold throughout the country and especially in popular tourist spots.

Most tourist hotels have in-house shops that sell curios, souvenirs, post cards, curvings, hand wooven baskets and the like.

For ordinary shopping e.g groceries and cosmetics, it is advisable to visit the local supermarkets. Here one is likely to get better products which have not over stayed on the shelves.

Most supermarkets sell greens and it is advisable you shop here. The prices are slightly higher than those at the local markets but unless really constrained by finances it is advisable to avoid the local vegetable markets to avoid mugging or being pick pocketed especially if you are an European.

There are duty free shops at the airports. Purchases are done with convertible currencies.



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