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Churches in Kenya

In Kenya, there are very many churches. This is a reflection of the freedom of worship that is enshrined in Kenya's constitution.

It is said that Kenya is over 80% Christian. There are over 4000 registered churches!

The old denominations are referred to as the mainstream churches. These are for example:-

  • Roman Catholics
  • Anglican Church
  • Full Gospel Churches
  • Presbyterian Church of East Africa
  • Africa Inland Church
  • Methodist
  • Baptist

Lately however, Kenya has witnessed the mushrooming of what are referred to as Pentecostal churches. In Nairobi, the most popular ones include

  • Nairobi Pentecostal Church
  • Nairobi Lighthouse Church
  • Redeemed Gospel Church
  • Deliverance Church
  • Jesus is Alive Ministries
  • Jubilee Christian Centre

The public grounds know as 'Uhuru Park' are parked with one crusade after another every other Sunday. Weekdays, lunch hour prayers are held in literary every open ground all public hall by the various groups. The mayor of Nairobi has accused some of these preachers of noise pollution and has actually banned preaching on the streets of Nairobi.





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