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Kenya Tea

Kenya Tea has long been marketed as a health beverage. It is a natural drink that contains no additives. In some countries it is boiled and drank to cure fevers, etc.

Kenya Teas are famous for their distinct taste and flavour. The high quality tea is dark, blackish in colour, and has a very strong aroma. A small scoop is enough to make a pot of tea!

The main growing districts are situated in or around the highland areas on either side of the Great Rift Valley at altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2,700 meters above sea level.

The tea leaves come from the upper two leaves and a bud plucked from the tea bushes. Tea bushes are plucked on a regular cycle ranging from 7 to 14 days. The world over, Kenya tea has won international acclaim for its consistent high quality and excellent delightful aroma.

Kenya, which manufactures black tea as opposed to green tea is the world’s third largest producer and leading exporter of black tea.
From the time the tea is harvested, it undergoes a lengthy process that ensures the tea quality is maintained.

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Kenya Tea

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Kenya Tea


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