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Following is a list of Safari types in Kenya.

Luxury safaris; Safaris in luxurious hotels. These are safaris that include lodging and/or camping in the high class lodges and hotels. Tour Guides and vehicles are provided and where need be flight are arranged in advance.

Budget Safaris; These are for those who want to travel economically. Safaris are arranged for selected lodges and hotels with reasonable rates and can be organised for large groups so as to save on costs.

Safaris the disabled; Safaris for the physically challenged. These are arranged in special vehicles and they include a couple more guides to assist the clients. The vehicles are usually designed in a special way to accomodate wheel chairs etc.

Incentive safaris; Safaris to motivate staff or company retreats. These are usually organised for large groups eg company staff, associations etc. They include special programmes which are prearraged.

Balloon safaris; Aerial view of the wildlife and landscape. Masai Mara Game reserve is popular for these safaris. Basically you ride on a parachute and view the wild game from the air.

Golfing safaris; Safaris with intervals of golf playing. There are many popular golf resorts in kenya. Many of these are located in the remote game reserves. It usually makes for a wonderful safari with golfing as part of the package.

Camping safaris; Camping in the many national parks and reserves. To get the real taste of Africa, camping in the wild bushes in any of our national parks or game reserves is recommended. Camping equipment is usually provided by the tour company. You may be required to carry your own sleeping bag in some cases.

Water sports safaris; Scuba diving, swimming and many other water games. These are fun for those who love adventure. Mombasa and Malindi are famous for these water games. Many luxury hotels have facilities specially designed for these water games.

Beach safaris; Safaris concentrated mainly along the coastal beaches. Kenya has many beaches especially along the coastline. They include Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi, Watamu and many others. You can also choose to go to the beaches in Western Kenya along Lake Victoria.

Group safaris; Organized for large groups of people who want to travel together. Friends can come together and negotiate for special rates with tour agents and hotels. They are good when it comes to savings and fun as you can plan games, activites together.

Mountain climbing safaris; Climbing safaris to Mt Kenya or Mt Kilimanjaro. These are usually organised to climb mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro. Safaris to other smaller mountains like mt. Meru or Mt. Elgon can also be organised. Special mountain climbing guides work in collaboration with specific tour firms.

Ecological safaris; For ecological studies or for those interested in nature. Kenya has a rich heritage of Flora and Fauna that forms a rich environment with thousand of creatures and organisms for those who would like to explore this niche.

Research safaris; Study tours for those researching on various issues. Gold has been discovered in parts of Kenya. Archaelogical skulls have also been discovered in very remote parts of Kenya. Oil has been discovered in parts of Kenya.... The list is endless. For those who would like to research on anything, you'll probably find it in Kenya!

Motor racing safaris; Organized mainly around major world racing safaris held in Kenya. Kenya is famous for very thrilling Safari Rallys. The rough terrain and challenging road network is unrivalled the world over.

Adventure safaris; A combination of several of these safaris with creativity as the guiding principle. These could include camping, balloon safaris, game hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, water sports etc.

Cultural safaris; Mainly touring the cultural habitats of the Kenyan people like Kikuyu land, Masai land etc. It's the best opportunity for one to meet the true Kenyan.

Gorilla tracking safaris; Track the gorillas! Gorillas are interesting animals to interact with. They behave more like human beings than animals. You will enjoy this rare interaction.

Uganda safaris; Not restricted to Kenya. Visit our neighbours the Ugandans. Special custome made safaris to Uganda can be arranged by many tour operators from Kenya.

Tanzania safaris; You don't want to forget Tanzania our other neighbour! Zanzibar is a famous tourist destination because of its sunny beaches and rich cultural heritage.

Business safaris; When on business in Kenya, incorporate a small holiday by doing abit of travel. The tour will be organised conveniently around you travel schedule

School safaris; Organized mainly for school children and college students. Usually at discounted rates and for large groups. Accomodation may be arranged at a hostel.




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