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HIV in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most well known tourtist destination in Africa. It is widely acclaimed for its Wildlife and Coastal beaches. However, the HIV Aids pandemic has had its toll on the beauty of this nation. Photos of Kenyans on their death beds with bones sticking out have created a sad image for Kenya.

In Kenya it is estimated that 2,2 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS Almost 7% of the population, while 1,5 million people have already died from the virus. 700 people are dying from Aids daily. Currently, out of every eight adults in rural Kenya, one is infected. In urban areas, nearly one out of every five adults is infected. It is estimated that there are 800 new infections every day. There are many projects that have been started by NGOs, Churches and the government to try and cub the spread of Aids.

More than 50% of hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from AIDS-related complications, causing an immense strain on limited medical facilities. 8% of men and nearly 14% of women carried the virus that causes AIDS. As is typical across Africa, women are at much higher risk of becoming infected with the virus.

Kenyans have began to serious contend with this dreaded disease. Earlier the fight was hampered by traditional beliefs. Some communities still believed it was some kind of witchcraft! Lack of knowledge may be discouraging use of condoms and/or HIV therapy among the Kenyans which has caused the rapid spread.

The government has allocated a lot of resources to curb this disease. The current first lady Mrs Lucy Muthoni Kibaki has set up and office to assist Aids Victims and fight this disease. The former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi termed it a National disaster.

Lately, the police force has been active trying to get prostitutes out of the streets. Several of them have been arrested and charged in courts of Law.
Every Kenyan has been called upon to rise up and fight Aids. The message has been clear. You are either infected on affected!

At the work places, there has been a lot of discrimination for the HIV positive individuals. It is difficult to secure new employment in most Companies if you test positive. In some cases individuals with Aids have been fired upon discovery of their status.



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