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Travelling Tips

Always ask for permission before you photograph people or their houses. Some communities might demand a tip after taking a photograph!

Always change your cash at reputed banks, foreign bureaux or hotels. Never change your money in the black market.

Donít expose your cash in public or hand over money to someone especially along the city streets.

Avoid isolated streets and dark alleys.

Donít carry more money than you need when going out.

Donít display expensive jewelry.

Be aware of the possibility of pick-pockets and bag snatchers in crowded areas.

Keep copies of all your important documents separately from the originals incase of loss.

While staying at the hotels, keep your money in the safe deposit boxes. Donít leave valuables in the room.

Keep your distance from wild animals however harmless they may appear.

It is advisable to take out emergency medical insurance prior to entering Kenya.

Tipping is allowed although it is not mandatory. 5 dollars would be sufficient tip for any service.

Drive on the Left hand side.

If on a long journey carry a torch and atleast 2 spare wheels.

Never leave your car opened especially in public places. Try to conceal your luggage eg by keeping it under the seat.

Taxis are readily available at the airport for about 15 dollars to the city Centre.

An airport departure tax of U.S. $20 is levied when leaving the country.

Kenya is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Always try to have loose cash for small purchases.

Carry a money belt or pouch under your clothes to keep your money. Do away with wallets and purses. This are usually a target for the pick pockets and snatchers.

Plan your itinerary in advance to avoid disappointments e.g lack of transport or hotel room.

Always settle on a fare before hiring a taxi to avoid exploitation.

Reconfirm all airline flights along the way. It is possible to show up for a flight and not have a reservation because you did not reconfirm.

Donít ask for directions from strangers idling in the streets. They could be thugs!

Avoid polishing your shoes along the streets by the so called shoe shiners. Most of them will reap you off.

The administrations is discouraging handing out money to street kids and mothers.

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