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Kenya Employment

Although they say that the unemployment rate in Kenya is high, Kenya is still a land full of opportunities for the discerning business-minded individual.

There are many unexplored and underutilized business opportunities. For example, online business transactions are yet to really take off and there is a great opportunity for those who have time or money to invest in this niche.

Training Opportunities are another area where one would consider venturing. With the new technology that has been changing with each day passing, many have not been able to keep up with the pace and one could seize this opportunity to bridge this gap.

If you are only interested in formal employment, then it would be advisable to register with the few recruitment bureaus/services that are in the country.

Newspaper ads are also a good way to source for a job though the chances here are obviously very slim for obvious reasons - too many applicants!

It is not easy to quantify the employment rate as some get jobs while others lose owing to restructuring in the government and other institutions.

Since capital is a major hindrance in starting a new business in Kenya, creativity is required as this is the only way one can ever make a start with little or no capital.

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